Reliability Improvement Services and Supply
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 Rotating machines are the hearts of production facilities. Their reliability determines production economics and profit. We are established to improve reliability towards excellence, which manifest in failure elimination, longer operating hours, reduced operating costs and botomline profit.

Reliability improvement is about increasing availability without unplanned shut downs by responding to equipment needs proactively, achieving precision in maintenance activities like rotor balancing, lubrication, shaft alignment, quality condition monitoring data acquisitions, precision fault diagnostics and conducting repairs according to procedures in achieving standards.

 Machinery reliability management is more than maintenance. It is rooted in the knowledge of engineering science and root-cause analysis for failure elimination. Management is getting things done efficiently and effectively by team work between maintenance, engineering and production.

We collaborate between equipment manufacturers, maintenance technology developers and end users to facilitate establishment of reliability programs for engineering, procurement and construction projects.

We represent the following original equipment manufacturers: Schenck Rotec GmbHDarmstadt Germany (, SDT North America (,  ESCO Products, Inc. (, Houstone, Texas, JLM Systems Limited, 23091 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC V6V 1B9, Canada ( and Allied Reliability Group, Charleston, South Carolina. (

We use the products of Pruftechnik Alignment Systems, GmbH, Pruftechnik Condition Monitoring GmbH, Ismaning, Germany. Others are: Noria Corporation, Oklahoma, Trico Corporation, Knoxville, U. S.A. 

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